Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Capture and Use Stormwater with Rain Barrels

Did you know that every year over 7,650 gallons of free water are being delivered to your house?  It’s called rain and it runs off your roof.  The only thing keeping you from using it is a system to capture and store it for later use.  Rain barrels connect to your downspouts and store water for use in your yard.  Your plants benefit from naturally soft and chlorine-free water.  Your wallet benefits from a reduced water bill and electricity costs.  And local streams benefit because every gallon you collect and use reduces the stormwater runoff from your property and the pollutants that runoff carries.  

In this climate rain barrels are best used Spring through Fall.  For winter months, they should be drained and disconnected from downspouts.  

The Allen Soil and Water Conservation District is currently selling the 45 gallon plastic rain barrel pictured above for $79.  For details, link to their website at  You may be eligible for a $20 rebate!  Rain barrels can also be purchased from a number of local retail outlets.

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Sharon said...

“Your plants benefit from naturally soft and chlorine-free water.” – True. There are lots of benefits in capturing rainwater. Not only it will help you save on your water and electric bills, it will also help reduce the risk of flood. Sharon @